“Flemings paintings are moving, emotional, and technically sound.”                                        

– Arthur Lambert, K-12 Art Educator


Artist Statement

Ann Mara Flemings b. 1962

I am an acrylic painter who loves creating abstract art inspired by the natural world. By weaving rich textures with bold colors, line and form, I investigate how color contributes to our experience of familiar surroundings, thereby questioning what we believe reality to be.

About Me


After many years in higher education development, I decided it was time to follow my first passion – art.  California born, Pennsylvania raised, my maternal grandmother introduced me to painting at age 7. From age 10 on, I was mentored by professional artists Michael Allison and William Keck and enjoyed a robust high school art curriculum under John Skrabalak and Preston Rice, among others. I received a BFA in graphic design from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, which included a one-year exchange program with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and a summer of study in Lucca, Italy.  While in college, I discovered acrylics, my preferred medium.

I have worked professionally as a graphic designer, print buyer, customer service and marketing coordinator in the outdoor advertising, direct mail advertising, the greeting card and graphics industry, and the pre-fab construction industry. In the early 1990s, I shifted my professional direction and received a Master’s degree in Sociology and Community Counseling.  I then worked  in the non-profit sector, successfully bridging my marketing skills to establish a successful career in higher education advancement.

Raised in an Italian-Irish Catholic family, I was introduced to Eastern religious philosophies in my late twenties. This informed and developed my current world-view that the health of our world is built upon the health of our relationships.  In 2011, I returned to my artistic roots and in 2015 began to paint full-time.

My inaugural solo art show was held in December 2013.  In the spring of 2014, I made my first significant sale.  In the summer of that year, I was awarded a First Place Ribbon at the Barnstable County Fair in Falmouth, Massachusetts.  In fall 2014, I was accepted from a pool of over 75 Austin artists to participate in the first Austin class of AUSTIN INC LIVE.  In 2015, I rented a studio in East Austin to paint full-time and participated in the EAST Austin Studio Tour.

About the Work

From 2011 through 2013, I created heavily textured landscape imagery. In 2014, while my husband was struggling through poor health, my work evolved into a quilted-mosaic imagery characterized by woven bits of colorful rectangles and squares. In 2015, I created linear geometric pieces that reflected an attempt to bring order to my life. I recently received digital art training and I have applied this to transform the geometric paintings. This past September, I began sharing a studio in east Austin where I have expanded the size of my canvas to explore bigger uses of color, styles and imagery. This includes fracturing the image into pieces of colored light and weaving it into a cohesive whole.

I am inspired by the work of early 20th century modernist, William Demuth, the 1912 Synchromism art movement founded by Stanton MacDonald-Wright and Morgan Russell and the vibrant community of artists that call Austin home.

I am committed to a life making and celebrating art and I invite you to follow my work and exhibition schedule at FlemingsArt.com and at Flemings Art on Facebook.